Footvolley Sweden Ranking Tournament 1

First footvolley ranking tournament in Sweden is going to take place in Gothenburg on 2nd of March, 2019.

The attending teams are:

Marcus Nilsson & David Nilsson

Jonas Flygare & Jakob Winstedt

Rita Rodrigues & Isabel H. Rodrigues

David Johansson & Tobias Palmquist

Samuel Souto & Carsten Svensson

James Blondell och Petter Larsson

Anna Wenger & Nelly Assarsson

Simone Placanica & Aykut Argun


Tournament Structure:

The tournament was carried out in 2 groups of 3 teams followed by semifinals and the final for men. For women, there was a direct final game. 2 teams from each group moved on to the semi-finals and then we played the final and match for the third place, as well as the quarterfinalists match for the two teams that did not go further from the group.

The women’s tournament this time consisted of one match.

1 set to 21 during the group stage, 3 sets to 18 in playoffs + placement matches incl. women’s game.

Here you can find some pictures from the tournament: