This year’s third ranking tournament had in total 9 strong teams, represented from all over Sweden, with vibes from Brazil,, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Italy and more!

Winners on the men’s side (image to the right): David Nilsson & Marcus Nilsson!
2nd: James Blondell & Olof Skäremo
3rd: Aykut Argun & Rufus Wiena

Winners of the women’s rakning: Isabel H. Rodrigues & Rita Rodrigues
2nd: Anna Wenger & Nelly Assarsson

Klubb Mästerskap & Ranking Tournament #3

Hyllie Sport Center, Malmö –
Adress: Bollspelsvägen 3, 216 25 MALMÖ

September 14th at 9.30-17.00 (game start 10.00)

8 teams: 2 groups
Group stage, 3 sets: 2×15, 1×11 (no killer point)
Finals 3 sets: 2×18, 1×15 (no killer point)

David Nilsson & Marcus Nilsson  (Malmö)
Olof Skäremo & James Blondell   (Malmö)
Aykut Argun & Simone Placanica  (Göteborg)
Carsten Svensson & Fredrik Ekelund  (Malmö)
Vitor Hugo Justiniano & Bruno Sozza  (Stockholm)
Henrik Annemark & Aage Radmann  (Malmö)
Eric Jensen Pérez & Emil Jensen Pérez  (Stockholm)