Action Week:


Congratulations to the winners of Nation Challange 2019: NORWAY

A day filled with Footvolley where games between Sweden and Norway were be the main attraction!


When:     17th of August, 10:00-18:00
Where:    Trollhättan
Structure:  11 matches á 1 sets to 18
Games:  5 men, 4 mix, 2 women

Players that represented Sweden:
Anna Wenger (Gothenburg)
Carsten Svensson (Malmö)
David Nilsson (Malmö)
Isabel Harrysson Rodrigues (Gothenburg)
James Blondell (Malmö)
Jesus Flygare (Gothenburg)
Marcus Nilsson (Malmö)
Petter Larsson (Malmö)
Pontus Trulsson (Malmö)
Rasmus Persson (Malmö)
Rita Rodrigues (Gothenburg)