We have a national ranking system and the best ranked players in the country are sent to the international tournaments around the globe!

Players representing Sweden 2020 are…

On the men’s side:
David Nilsson & Marcus Nilsson
– Two brothers from Malmö

On the women’s side:
Isabel Harrysson Rodrigues & Rita Harrysson Rodrigues
– Two sisters from Gothenburg

4 ranking tournaments during 2019, in which 3 of them (your best performances) will give ranking points as below:

1st place: 100 p.
2nd place: 80 p.
3rd place: 60 p.
4th place: 40 p.
5th place: 20 p.
Participation: 10 p. (minimum for all participating teams)

Men's ranking 2019

Player name Ranking 1Ranking 2Ranking 3Ranking 4Total
David Nilsson100100100200500
Marcus Nilsson100100100200500
James Blondell808080160400
Olof Skäremo
Carsten Svensson604040120260
Rasmus Persson---120120
Petter Larsson80--80
Jonas Flygare20--4060
Rufus Wiena--60-60
David Johansson40---40
Tobias Palmquist40---40
Jacob Winstedt
Pontus Trulsson-10--10

Women's ranking

Player name Ranking 1Ranking 2Ranking 3Ranking 4Total
Isabel Harrysson Rodrigues100100100200500
Rita Harrysson Rodrigues100100100200500
Anna Wenger808080160400
Nelly Assarsson808080160400
Elin Gustafsson----0